In order for a platform to integrate OZ Defender platforms would need to:

For the frontend there are two options:

Whitelisting can be done in the server code that sends requests.

Need to add the forwarder that they use to trusted forwarders. I haven’t found the address so the solution is to send a transaction, which will fail because the forwarder is not set as trusted, and then find the forwarder from the explorer.

On Goerli: 0x5001a14ca6163143316a7c614e30e6041033ac20

Could technically also use the same forwarder as GSN, which would be good if it’s already in our trusted ones so we don’t have to add a new trusted forwarder.

With OZ Defender SDK

How to Relay Gasless Meta-Transactions - OpenZeppelin Docs

Our side: haven’t tried it